Pasio 50 sc – Smart all-rounder for shafts and rollers

The Pasio 50 SC by Schenck RoTec proves itself as a balancing solution for rotors up to 50 kg.
The Pasio 50 SC by Schenck RoTec is currently establishing itself as the new benchmark in the field of compact horizontal balancing machines. The system for measuring cylindrical and disc-type rotors with part weights of up to 50 kg is a versatile all-round solution. It stands out on account of its considerable operator friendliness and high degree of measuring accuracy. Moreover, the ease with which it can be implemented in higher-level control systems also facilitates of balancing processes for smart factories.

The new Pasio 50 SC by Schenck RoTec is a compact system solution for highly efficient balancing of disc-shaped and cylindrical rotors with individual weights of up to 50 kg. Since its market launch just a few months ago, it has quickly become the system of choice for many users within mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, fluid technology and the automotive industry. There are good reasons for this: The machine with a horizontal design not only covers a wide range of balancing applications, but also sets technological standards in many respects. It is very easy to operate, is equipped with high-quality measuring technology, and its design is regarded as groundbreaking in terms of ergonomics and safety.

Smart. Safe. Precise.

In developing the Pasio 50 SC, Schenck RoTec followed the three guiding principles of smart, safe and precise at every stage of the process. There are primarily three factors that make the new balancing machine a ‘smart’ complete solution: The quick and, in fact, very simple commissioning, its low space requirement, and the option of integrating it in the user's higher-level IT networks and production control systems. The new Pasio 50 SC is ‘safe’ not only because of its intelligent self-diagnosis and its protective hood in accordance with ISO 21940-23 (class C), but also thanks to the new, easy-to-operate circular slide belt drive and convenient two-hand operation for indexing to the correction position. The “precise" aspect is ultimately reflected in the high accuracy that can be achieved with this compact, universal balancing machine. Residual unbalances of less than 0.5 gmm per plane can be achieved, with the result that most rotors are already within tolerance after the first measurement run. In practice, this means that the efficiency of many balancing processes within quality assurance and maintenance can be significantly improved with the Pasio 50 SC by Schenck RoTec. Depending on the measuring requirements, the user can choose between two measuring unit options. Schenck RoTec equips the new machine with both the basic CAB 820 measuring unit and the innovative CAB 920 SmartTouch measuring unit.


Ideal solution for production and maintenance

From setting up the rotor to correction of the unbalance, the user can be guided safely and faultlessly through the balancing process by the software interface of the measuring unit. In addition, the design of the Pasio 50 SC by Schenck RoTec has been consistently optimised on the basis of ergonomic criteria meaning that all work areas are easily accessible and that all important hand movements can be carried out quickly. And in that event that something doesn’t go to plan, rapid assistance is guaranteed. As is the case for all Schenck RoTec balancing machines, the Pasio 50 SC is integrated in the comprehensive service and support system that the company uses to ensure the high availability of its systems.

Whether directly in production, in quality assurance, or in maintenance – the Pasio 50 SC can balance rotors with diameters of up to 600 mm. Typical test specimens include crankshafts, electric-motor armatures, rollers, fans and grinding wheels. With the optional amagnetic equipment, the machine can also be configured to process magnetic rotors.

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