TBcomfort and TBsonio – basis for a high quality repair

The TBcomfort is the basis for a high quality repair that will stand up to even the most stringent quality standards. The machine firstly eliminates the initial unbalance of the components and of the rotor assembly, and thus creates the basis for the subsequent high speed balancing on the TBsonio.

The two compact balancing machines TBcomfort and TBsonio are aimed to strengthen workshops in the automotive industry, in vehicle technology, aeronautics and shipbuilding for the expanding competition in the field of turbocharger repair. Turbochargers are a key component in the manufacturing of small capacity low consumption and low emission engines. Even today, one third of the 230 million vehicles registered in Europe are equipped with turbochargers and the trend is increasing!

More information on our product catalog or the Schenck microsite turbobalancer.com.

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